Welcome to Dad's Athletic Club of Westland

Who We Are

The Dad’s Athletic Club of Westland, Inc. Softball League has been a part of Wayne/Westland community since 1966. The D.A.C has provided a safe, friendly and fun environment for kids both Boys and Girls between the ages 6—18 for over 50 years.

The Dad’s Athletic Club of Westland, Inc. averages between 300-375 young people every year. This is totally a volunteer program starting with the coaches, umpires, field maintenance, office workers and everyone behind the scenes.

What makes us different is that this league is about teaching all kids how to play the game of slow pitch softball in a fun, family-oriented environment. We accept every child regardless of whether they have played a sport before or not. Not every kid is a stand-out natural talent, but after a season or two, every kid who plays in this league does improve and you can see the increase in their self-confidence.

We use a blind draft system, so there are no tryouts. Every child plays in every game. There are no bench warmers. Every child must sit one inning.

The divisions are Co-ed’s – 6-8 is girls & boys play together in this division (they play M-W). Intermediate Girls 9-12 Girls (M-W). Senior Girls 13-18 (M-W). Intermediate Boys 9-12 (T-TH). Senior Boys (T-TH).

You do not have to be a resident of Wayne or Westland to play. We are open to everyone.

We play 14 games, plus a month of practices, an All-Star Game and an end of the year picnic. The only thing you need is a mitt and tennis shoes. You do not need cleats. If you have cleats, you can use them, but they have to be plastic or rubber.

There are no fundraisers either. 

Schedules for 2019 have been updated! Click on Schedules to view each division.

What Parents Say

"After paying the higher costs of other leagues and watching my child sit game after game, my son lost interest in wanting to play ball. A friend of ours told us about the Dads Club league so we decided to check it out. What a difference it has made. The coaches have made learning how to play fun without the pressure. My son gets to play in every game and has made a lot of friends. We have seen his self-confidence grow, not only in ball, but in other areas as well. We are so thankful for what the Dad's Athletic Club has done."
        - Steve W, parent